NiSi tips and tricks – Storing Your Filters

Once you have invested into a set of NiSi neutral density filters you are going to want to keep them safe and protected when you are not using them. The optical glass we use in our filters needs to be cared for to ensure scratches, chips, and breakages don’t impact on their performance, and to protect your financial investment.

In our NiSi tips and tricks – cleaning your filters article we teach you how to best keep your filters nice and clean, dust and liquid-free and ready for use every time you need them. Let’s take a look at how to store your circular or square filters for use or for travel, and keep them safe in between uses.

Storing Your Circular Neutral Density Filters

While circular neutral density filters tend to be smaller and more durable than square filters, once you have a few of them they can take up a lot of space in your camera kit, and the optical glass still needs to be protected from dust, liquid and potential scratches.

You could store circular filters in the square, plastic cases them come in. But once you have a few of them, the space required for the filters and the cases can add up quickly. There are more convenient ways to make accessing your circular filters easier when using them while keeping them clean and protected while storing them like the solutions below.

Metal stack caps for circular filters

The Metal Stack Caps in the NiSi product range allow for circular filters to be screwed together to create a stack or pile, with two individual metal caps then screwing on to the stack to add a layer to the top and bottom filter, ensuring protection from fingerprints, dust and scratches. Metal stack caps can be used to store and protect a single filter, or be used with stacks of 20+ circular filters.

Metal stack caps are available to suit 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm circular filter thread sizes.

Soft pouches for circular filters

For both storage, and for use in the field NiSi offer the Circular Filter Pouch for 4 Filters which is a soft, material pouch with internal dividers keeping your valuable filters separated. The pouch can be attached to a tripod leg for easy access to your filters when you are shooting and compressed down easily to save space in your camera bag or luggage when traveling. Circular filters up to 95mm, or sqaure 100mm x 100mm ND filters will also be nice and safe when stored in this pouch.

Storing Your Square Neutral Density Filters

Square neutral density filters have more optical glass surface area than circular filters, and also lack the metal frames or edges that protect circular filers from droppages and other accidental damage. The larger the filter, the more care needs to be shown when handling, packing and storing them away.

NiSi offer both soft and hard cases for filters 100mm filter, and for the larger 150mm and 180mm filter systems hard cases are available to ensure maximum protection.

Soft pouches for square filters

Just as with circular filters, NiSi offer a range of soft material pouches to store and protect your square 100x100mm and 100x150mm neutral density filters in configurations of either 4 filters or 9 filters, or the Cinema Filter Pouch which holds 7 filters. If you regularly travel for photography, our pouches have a lightweight design, and compress in your luggage saving valuable space.

Our soft filter pouches can also be attached to your tripod leg when out in the field for easy access. The 9 filter pouch can be carried as a shoulder, messenger or waist bag with the provided cross-body sling strap.

Hard / rigid cases for square filters

The NiSi hard cases available for 100mm, 150mm and 180mm sizes are rugged, rigid cases designed for the ultimate protection and storage of you neutral density filters. Plastic inserts are available to customise each internal slot for square neutral density filters, Natural Night Filter, or the square HD polariser in available in the 150mm and 180mm sizes. Or by removing the inserts you can store the larger rectangular graduated neutral density filters available in the above mentioned sizes.

Our hard cases are heavier but far more sturdy than our soft pouches, so for those adventurers and regular travelers who require the extra protection offered by hard cases, this may be the better choice to protect, store and transport your valuable neutral density filters.

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