Filter Cleaning

It’s inevitable that you will have to clean your filters at some stage, if you’re a seascape photographer it will usually happen after every shoot!  We have a range of cleaning products that are gentle and perfect for cleaning filters.

Professional Filter Cleaning Kit

A complete cleaning kit that is gentle on your filters.

1 x NiSi Clever Cleaner
1 x NiSi Air Blower
1 x NiSi Standard Lens Pen
1 x NiSi Nano Lens Pen
3 x NiSi Microfibre Cloths
1 x NiSi Liquid Lens Cleaner 50ml (Alcohol-Free)

NiSi Pro Clean Kit
NiSi Cleaver Cleaner

Professional Filter Cleaning Kit

Clean your filters and LCD displays with the Clever Cleaner from NiSi. Thanks to Nano Technology it cuts through grime left by sea spray, oil stains, and fingerprints.  It’s the safely and effectively way to clean square filters.

Liquid Lens Cleaner 50ml (Alcohol-Free)

The NiSi Liquid Lens Cleaner contains no Alcohol, but a high dilution blend of industrial pure water and mild detergent. Works best when used with NiSi Microfiber Cloth leaving no residue on the surface even when wiped roughly.

Nano Lens Pen

Nano Cleaning LensPen

Are you troubled by dust or smudges on your filters? This NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters makes cleaning quick, easy and is far more convenient than other methods but equally effective and safe.

NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters is a unique cleaning tool for all lens products, including multi-coated surfaces like NiSi Filters. NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters is safe to use on all lenses, Won’t scratch or damage lenses.

Professional Lens Cleaning Blower

The NiSi Professional Lens Cleaning Blower is one of the best cleaning accessories you can toss into your gear bag. It works very well for removing dust specs off filters, lenses and SLR mirrors without touching the surfaces. It fits neatly in your hand and delivers a very strong blast of air as it cleans. When the cleaning cycle is completed, the ruggedly constructed rubber bulb refills rapidly and is ready for another blast

Professional Lens Cleaning Blower
Microfibre Cloth (5-pack)

Microfiber Cloth (5-pack)

The NiSi Cleaning Microfiber Cloth (5-pack) are the same ones included in our filter kits and are a great tool to keep your filters clean. This pack includes 5 NiSi Cleaning Microfiber Cloths.

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