Interview with photographer Dani Watson


The team at NiSi are very excited to chat with the very talented Dani Watson – ex professional tennis coach with a somewhat accidental photography career path which began with an introduction to DSLR camera course at Michael’s Camera Store in Melbourne, and the all too familiar story of falling in love with all things photography soon after picking up a camera.

Learn more about Dani and her photography journey below as she answers a series of questions, and allows us to showcase some of her personal favourite images.

Dani Watson Bio

Hi, I’m Dani Watson and I would like to thank NiSi for this opportunity.

I’m a self-confessed photography nerd, I just love it and I am super passionate.

I have a deep connection with the landscape, I want to capture its beauty and tell its story, not just my own. What drives me is the need to create images that are different and make people take a second look.

I studied photography at RMIT University, which is where my photography journey began, I was challenged to become a better photographer technically but to think outside the square. My journey has now led me to the Central Coast, NSW to work with an icon of landscape photography Ken Duncan. 

I love to teach; I am passionate about the photography industry as a whole and want to give back and inspire the next generation of landscape photographers.

“Loan Tree” – Sapphire Coast NSW

Captured with NiSi Landscape CPL and NiSi Natural Night Filter

I took earlier this year at Lone Tree; I like to experiment with light. This image is taken over a 4-hour period until first light.

Q&A with Dani Watson

Question 1. What excites you about photography?

Answer Being able to visit new places and showing people the beauty that exisits around us. I love the adventure, and heading into a location and still looking for something a bit different.

Question 2. What NiSi products do you use and how has it enhanced your photography?

Answer The ND filters have been a game changer in my photography, understanding how I can manipulate shutter speed to convey the message I want to show is important and the enhanced CPL and ND filters have done that

Question 3. If you could take only one NiSi filter with you on a shoot what would it be?

Answer It would have to be the enhanced landscape CPL, I use this on a daily basis shooting with water and or architecture. It’s the most important filter in my kit.

Question 4. What is the one thing that you have learned about photography that you would love to share with others?

Answer Never stop learning! It’s important as photographers that we don’t become complacent and upskilling and trying new things is important in our growth as photographers. It will also stop you from become bored. When you are learning something new never be afraid of failure, walk away and ask yourself, “So how can I make this better?” or never be afraid to ask for help. I learn from a variety of photographers each year, I want to learn from those better than me and every time you attend a workshop that little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

Glasshouse Rocks – Sapphire Coast, NSW

Captured with NiSi Landscape CPL and 6 Stop ND

I love the water; I love capturing movement and my NiSi filters help me tell the story I want to convey. This image is taken at Glasshouse Rocks, whilst assisting on a photo tour, the swell was incredible, and the most spectacular light broke through at sunset, creating soft light

Karijini National Park, WA

Karijini is one of the places you get to and as soon as you arrive, you never want to leave. The colours in different light, the incredible emerald water. It’s one of those places every photographer needs to visit.

Glasshouse Rocks – Sapphire Coast, NSW

Captured with Taken with Nisi Landscape CPL and 6 Stop ND

Whilst guiding a workshop in April 2021, this was one of the most incredible sunrises I’ve ever witnessed. The golden hour glow was incredible, but it was the afterglow that went on and on that made it one of the most spectacular sunrises I have seen.

Horseshoe Falls – Tasmania

Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL

I wanted to share a place I feel a connection with as a photographer, Horseshoe Falls in Tasmania. It’s a place I love to go back to, even when I need that re-set and I feel the need to refocus. It is without doubt a place I feel a deep connection with, and I would love to hear what yours is?.

To learn more about Dani and to follow her on social media please check out the links below –

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