NiSi V5 Alpha 100mm Filter Holder

NiSi V5 Alpha
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Entry Level 100mm Filter Holder

For Lenses with a standard filter thread from 49mm to 82mm.

  • Allows 3 square filters
  • Compatible with filters 100x100mm and 100x150mm – 2mm thick
  • No Vignetting at 16mm on Full Frame
  • Includes an 82mm Adaptor Ring
  • Later Upgradeable to the V5 Pro


Applies pressure to the edges of the filter instead of the traditional clip design that holds the front and back surfaces of the filter. Offers better protection of the filters and allows a very smooth and easy install.

NiSi V5 PRO 100mm Aluminium Filter Holder Australian Edition with Enhanced Landscape C-PL
V5 Alpha Back

The V5 Alpha includes a holder and 82mm adaptor ring.  The V5 Alpha is fully compatible with V5 adaptor rings from 49mm to 77mm which can screw to the included 82mm adaptor ring. The V5 Lens cap and also be used on the front of the 82mm adapter ring to protect your lens while keeping the adaptor rings on your lens.

The V5 Alpha can be easily upgraded to the V5 Pro

NiSi V5 Alpha
V5 Alpha Upgrade Kit
V5 Pro Holder
V5 Pro Logo

V5 Alpha Upgrade Kit to V5 Pro


V5 Alpha Side View
V5 Alpha 82mm Adaptor Ring

Filter Holder

82mm Adaptor Ring


V5 Alpha


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