Interview with landscape and travel photographer Ryan Fowler


The team at NiSi are very excited to chat with the very talented North Coast NSW, Australia based landscape and travel photographer Ryan Fowler.

Learn more about Ryan and his photography journey below as he answers a series of questions, and allows us to showcase some of his personal favourite images.

Ryan Fowler Bio

Hi, I’m Ryan Fowler. I’m a nature addict, photographer and guy that is always happy to talk cameras and photography.  I’ve been fortunate to live on two sides of the world, having spent 10 years growing up in the UK and then moving back to Australia in 2007. Photography started off as a hobby for me and then quickly grew into a passion that turned into a business, one that’s been running for over 6 years now. I’ve been able to work in some amazing places around Australia, New Zealand and the world capturing images and videos for tourism boards and agencies. Having been a lifelong traveller, getting my first Qantas frequent flyer card at 2 years old, travel has been natural for me all my life. I’m also passionate about the business side and being able to do what you love to do and sharing that with others.


Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL + 4 Stop Medium Graduated ND Filter

This image is from a trip to Uluru and is printed on my wall at home to look at everyday. Ironically, the best spot to get a shot of sunrise with the sun behind the rock is from the sunset carpark! It was also captured with a focal length blending technique that gives it a really unique perspective. To capture it, I used a CPL and 4-stop medium edge graduated filter. 

Q&A with Ryan Fowler

Question 1. What excites you about photography?

The most exciting feeling for me is the moment you look at the back of the camera after taking a shot and knowing I’ve nailed it and that I can relive that feeling and memory through the image.

Question 2. What NiSi products do you use and how has it enhanced your photography?

I use pretty much the whole range of square filters and a handful of circular ones. The square ones I love for my landscape photography while the circular ones I get the best value from for my commercial work and on the go photo and video shoots. The biggest advantage for me has been getting better results in camera so I spend less time behind the computer.

Question 3. If you could take only one NiSi filter with you on a shoot what would it be?

This is a tough one to choose between the CPL or the medium grad. I’d have to choose the medium edge graduated filter though because it’s so versatile in a range of different situations.

Question 4. What is the one thing that you have learned about photography that you would love to share with others?

The one thing I’ve learnt from photography is to have patience and persistence. It’s okay if you don’t get the perfect shot the first, second, third or even fourth time. Each time you go out you’ll pick up something new or try a new way of doing something until you get it right.


Captured with NiSi 6 Stop ND64 + 4 Stop Medium Graduated ND Filter

Anyone else a fan of fog? It can be so interesting. This particular morning at Mt Coot-Tha in Brisbane, the fog was rolling through the valley below with the most spectacular sky above and the city peaking through the middle. It pays to do a bit of shot planning sometimes. I used the 6-stop ND, CPL and medium edge grad filter to give a long exposure and capture the fog moving like waves in the ocean.


Captured with Taken with NiSi Circular Ti Enhanced CPL

This image was so much fun to capture! As part of a web series I created called Top 5 Photo Locations, this episode featured Tangalooma on Moreton Island as one of the destinations. We took off in a helicopter with the doors off to get up and over the wrecks which looked beautiful at mid-tide. The perfect blend of water, sand and sunken ships. To capture it, I used the titanium screw-on CPL which really helped to enhance and bring out the blues.


Captured with NiSi Natural Night Filter

Who else loves Milky Way season? It’s awesome, right? I captured this image at my favourite local spot, Fingal Head in Northern NSW. It was towards the end of Milky Way season when you can see the core towards the West as it starts to set. Myself and a couple of friends headed out to get this image. I’d planned it a few months ahead and knew what the conditions had to be. All of these elements lined up perfectly so the light from the lighthouse shined through the salt spray without blacking the core to become visible and make it a clean pano which stitched easily. Captured using a NiSi Natural Night Filter.


Captured with NiSi Enhanced CPL + 4 Stop Medium Graduated ND

I had to finish off with an image of something that’s close to my heart, Edinburgh Castle. I have more family in Scotland than I do in Australia so when I was over there a couple of years ago to see them all, I knew I had to get an image to remember the trip by, which resulted in this one. It was my final day in Scotland and on this particular morning, all the elements seemed to line up perfectly. It was overcast to start with but as the sun rose, there was a small break in the clouds that lit up the castle and the clouds above it that only just moved in. Overall, there was a window of about two minutes to capture this image and I feel incredibly fortunate to have done so. I used the NiSi Enhanaced CPL and medium edge grad filter to get this particular image.

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